New blog… again

15 11 2010

I know it’s starting to get ridiculous. I’m almost changing my blog address more often than I’m writing anything on it. Let’s get on with it…

My new blog address is I’m still using WordPress software, but I’m moving off so that I can customize my site a little more. I found out that they charge you for pretty much anything you want to do, including forwarding to a new domain, so I thought I’d better switch soon before I’m so invested in this domain that it costs me an arm and a leg to change it.

So, go see the new one, and if you have me bookmarked or subscribed or whatever, go ahead and change the address again. Sorry about that. And I’m also sorry for when I flooded your readers with new posts a few weeks ago. They weren’t really new posts, just all of my old posts come back to haunt you.


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